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Every Child Should Own Books

New Book Giving Programs 

Read Seed Inc.

Durham's Premier Child Literacy and Book Giving Organization Since 1999 

Thousands of books given to targeted low income populations in North Carolina.

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    Understanding that "books in the home"
          makes the difference
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     Random Acts of Book Giving                                               Time to Read to Children and more

Random Acts of Book Giving

There is no better time to give books to children

We are ready to recruit your services in the Random Acts of Book Giving program -  Vetted Volunteers working Together, never alone, a membership opportunity.


If you are interesting in signing up for the volunteer training program, email Addi Banks at givethembooksnow@yahoo.com or use the contact form on this site.

Thank you Read Seed for giving my baby a book. You just asked me if my baby would like a book and I said "yes." She loves her new book.  

  A. Watkins Durham, NC  October 2016

Contact us using the form and let's get started with books at your shop

Benefits of Reading to Children

   In: Raising Smart Kids Articles

The vast mass of knowledge in the world can only be gained by reading, and if you want your children to be smart, they have to acquire a love for reading.   The love of reading has so many benefits.   You can develop this reading habit in your children in as early as their first few months by reading to them.


Many studies have demonstrated that reading to children has many positive effects.


For example, a study was made in Rhode Island Hospital to compare two groups of eight months old – one group was read to often as babies, while the other was not.  It was shown that those who were read to have their “receptive” vocabularies (number of words they understand) increased 40 per cent since babyhood, while the non-reading group increased by only 16 per cent.

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Got A

Book Story?


Read Seed Inc on the Move for Literacy

The Read Seed Mission

Why must children

own books? 


A picture can tell

a thousand stories


How do we demonstrate the value and power of good literacy skills ?

North Carolina Seeding Reading

     Every child in North Carolina should own books at an early age. Currently, it is the responsibility of parents to obtain books to share with their child. Understanding and appreciating the value of books is not a given. Well educated parents and those who enjoy reading want the same for their child. Others may realize that children enjoy books but make no special effort to purchase them. Some children are in elementary school before owning their first book.

     Teachers report that this child and that child reads on or below grade level. Status and the level of parent's education has been correlated with child's academic success. We are told that children who come from less advantaged homes tend suffer academically. Black and white reading gaps, single or multi-parent homes and socioeconomic status have been cited to explain achievement gaps. But, Read Seed, Inc has another explanation based upon decades of research. 

  For over eighty years research findings overwhelmingly note that to prepare children for academic readiness and achievement is to insure that they have books in the home. 

Knowing this, why aren't we 
giving every North Carolina
child books?

Literacy is everybody's business

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