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Read Seed Inc.

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There is no better time to give books to children

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Read Seed, Inc is giving this amazing book to preschool children authored and illustrated by NCCU professors Pamela George and Walter M. Brown. 

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Thousands of books given to targeted low income populations in North Carolina.

Parents Are Your First Teachers

Benefits of Reading to Children


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The vast database of child literacy research throughout the world point to early childhood literacy and reading to children as fundamental to their academic success. Teaching your children to acquire a love for reading is one of the best lifelong gifts a parent and bestow on them.

A hundred years of research consistently attest to the fact that reading with them sows many positive seeds. Parental bonding and 'just us' time together, for one. This reaches generation parenting models.  You open the world to them from home. Babies and young children who handle books and attempt to turn the pages develop motor skills earlier.


A study at a Rhode Island Hospital compared two groups of eight months old children. One group was read to often as babies, while the other group was not.  It was revealed that children who were read to had “receptive” vocabularies, the number of words they understand. Their vocabularies increased 40 percent since babyhood compared to the non-reading group increased by only 16 percent.

Reading Books Make the Difference


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Prepare for Academic Success

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Read Seed Inc on the Move for Literacy

Teaching Black Children

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Culturally Relevant Teaching Materials 

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