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Why must every child own books? RSI works with stakeholders to educate families, policy makers, businesses and the community teaching the importance of early childhood literacy intervention. Through education we can insure bright starts for all children… at home and around the world.

  Plant Reading Seeds

Family Reading

Be your child's first literacy teacher. Even low reading parents can enjoy picture storybooks and discuss what is happening in the book.



​Churches and Organizations

Get Involvement By Creating Literacy Programs, Book Drives and Initiatives


What is your corporate contribution to better literacy? Give to early childhood literacy programs and advocate literacy.

Does Your State Support Early Childhood Education with Book Giving Programs?

Make It Happen!


A picture can tell a thousand stories. Traditional and social media marketing is an ideal way to advocate for child literacy. Getting the message out and getting people busy.  Any way that we cam make a statement inspires others to pay attention.

Do you have ideas about how we can partner to advocate for improved literacy in your community?
Sponsor a Billboard

Community Service on Display

Display a literacy message on fleet vehicles



Demonstrate love of reading, let your children see you read for the joy of it.


                  support by giving
                  a book gift to children after clinic visits. Set up a bookshelf. Encourage staff to donate gently used books to read                               or take home 
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